Invisible Influence

Within the coaching community, there are different coaches which like to specialize in different areas. Some coaches specialize in business coaching and helping people to achieve goals, whilst others specialize in areas ranging from life coaching, to fitness coaching, to coaching couples on how to get along with each other. For this article, I would… Read More »

Disrupting yourself to become successful

The word “disruption” has taken on a whole new mainstream meaning within the last 5-10 years compared to what that word meant to us ordinary folk 15-20 years ago. Disruption (at least to me) used to mean being interrupted from watching TV or studying.  Nowadays when I think of that word, companies like Uber and… Read More »

Made To Stick

We all have many ideas floating around in our heads on a weekly, if not daily basis. Sometimes the ideas become so captivating to the point that where we call up the people we know the share it. The excitement is there, and sometimes it is hard to contain. It could be a new business… Read More »

Six Thinking Hats

We live in an age where information comes so freely and readily, that it pushes us to become a group of multi-taskers either by choice or by habit. Furthermore, it has become increasingly tricky to be able to put everything aside and make decisions without being disrupted by a notification that comes up on our smart… Read More »

The Silent Language Of Leaders

Depending on the situation and context, non-verbal communication, or body language, can make a huge difference in the way other people perceive us. Let’s say if you are speaking to somebody and they are constantly checking their phone? Even though the content of discussion may be interesting, the whole discussion itself would be sabotaged by… Read More »