Tipping Sacred Cows

There are many “sacred cows” within both the workplace and in society in general. Before we go onto that though, let’s define what a sacred cow is. It can be classified as something untouchable, an idea or belief that is held above criticism and becomes accepted practice. One of the immediate ones that comes to… Read More »

Being Decisive

New inventions come up regularly to meet needs that currently exist. Once that need has been fulfilled, the focus will then move towards making that previous need easier and cheaper to access, whilst improving on the product features to hold onto the public interest (and to offer something that the competition does not offer). For… Read More »

Option B

Stating the obvious, there’s a logical reason why people who perform high wire acts in circuses have a safety net below them. Not only does it provide a literal safety net for them if they happen to fall, but it also gives them confidence to know that they can concentrate on walking on the tightrope… Read More »

What is empowerment?

Ask 10 people what empowerment means and you will get a few different answers (plus a few blank looks). To some, empowerment can mean the ability to increase their own the level of confidence and that of others, whilst to other people, empowerment can mean the ability to help people tap into their innate abilities… Read More »

Having conversations that flow well

For many people, the scariest thing that they can do is speak in public. The second scariest thing is to strike up a conversation with somebody they don’t know. It’s not that they don’t like people or are afraid of people, they just don’t want to be put in a situation where they could be… Read More »